[HSF2009-TALK] HSF2009 Is Over

hellekin =8) hellekin at cepheide.org
Thu Jul 2 12:24:34 PDT 2009

Dear list members,

HSF2009 was a great success. Laid back, open, flowing, fluid, sexy, grungy,
intense and weird. In the coming days and weeks, we try to upload as much
content as we can. 

Speakers can send us their slides or upload them to the wiki directly. If
you took some pictures or videos, we can link them from the main
hackerspace.net site. Please reply to this email with links! Some videos are
going to be processed before archiving.

Check http://www.hackerspace.net/photos-videos

The Church of Security elected a new Pope, in the person of Astera, Popess
of the Chess Cell. The ceremony was so confused that nobody noticed. Hail
the Church! Hail the Hot Potato! Long life Popess Astera!

A bunch of weird guys transformed the otherwise plain setting into an urban
fantasy, I guess you'll see some cool pictures at the URL above. Thank you
mysterious people :)


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